About Us

platinum-line.info is a popular name in the world of Platinum Industry. Beating the shine  by the glitter of gold, platinum is a more rare, but equally precious.  Platinum has come a long way from being a metal,  reasonably priced only by the elite class of society and being accessible even to middle class patrons. Both the experts of platinum industry and retailers of Just as the gold jewelers jewelry are slowly changing their opinion about the exclusiviness of platinum jewelry.
We, platinum-line.info always belive in providing the best to our esteemed clients. Therefore, we are recognized as one of the exceptional suppliers of platinum and planinum jewlery throughout the world. We always try  maintaintain the quality of our products as far as possible. our clents rely on us due to our honesty and sincerity to our businmess.
There are several reasons for the higher making charges. The first one being that platinum. Platinum is a hard metal which requires a high melting point for thorough carving and milling about.  Now the platinum industry can  done based on the factories with costly manufacturing facilities and skilled craftsmen. The second reason is that this metal is import mostly from  South Africa. Due to these reasons, platinum has become more costly.